Changes in the Editorial Board of the Journal

The editorial staff of the magazine are almost completely updated with new headings. The editorial board now includes representatives of 11 institutions and institutions from 6 countries, namely:

 Berlin School of Economics and Law (Germany);

 State Research University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

 University of Essex (United Kingdom);

 University of Ljubljana (Slovenia);

 Uzhgorod National University (Ukraine);

 University of England Ruskin (United Kingdom);

 Ohio State University (United States of America);

 University of Utrecht (Netherlands);

 Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs (Ukraine);

 VN Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine);

 Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (Ukraine).

The formation of a powerful editorial board is still ongoing; the preference for the membership of the editorial board is given to those who, having a law degree, also have a corresponding profile in publications included in Scopus or Web of Science Core Collection databases. at least 3 articles in 2 different editions). We invite such scientists to perform the tasks assigned to members of the Editorial Board, the main ones being participation in determining the editorial policy of publishing and forming the editorial portfolio of scientific publications, organizing peer review (searching for reviewers) or personally conducting peer review, bringing articles to publication. The desire (willingness) to become a member of the editorial board is formalized by the written consent of the scientist (the form we have developed), data about such scientist become available on the publication's website and in certain scientific bases.
  Continuing the measures for the proper review of scientific articles, we also invite you to perform the functions of reviewers; they can become scientists who carry out specialization studies and have at least 1 publication in the editions included in the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine or foreign editions included in the Web of Science Core Collection and / or Scopus in the last 3 years.
Please send any suggestions regarding these issues to the e-mail address of