Military crimes in the system of criminal legislation of Ukraine

Keywords: military crimes, the system of military crimes, criteria for systematization, signs of a system of military crimes, groups of military crimes.


The system of military crimes and its signs are considered. The place of the institute of military crimes in the system of criminal legislation of Ukraine has been determined. Criteria of systematization are characterized, the relationship between the system of war crimes and other systems of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is shown.

The system of military crimes (as well as any other crimes) is important both theoretical and practical: first, it provides an opportunity to identify the most significant features inherent in military crimes; and second, due to these signs, the latter differ from each other; thirdly, the system of such crimes permits the separation of war crimes from non-military (ordinary or special-criminal), which is a prerequisite for their proper qualification, which, in turn, embodies the principle of the lawfulness of criminal law. The value of systematizing military crimes lies in their most important and stable functional relationships with various branches of law and allows for legal identification with sectoral legal systems, for example, with administrative and military law, through such logical terms as concepts, judgments and inferences.

The main purpose (function) of the existence of an institution of military crimes is, undoubtedly, the protection of social relations that arise and exist between the state and the serviceman (military and reservists) in the process of bearing them an appropriate form of military service, which consists in the professional activity of its fit for state of health and age of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners or stateless persons, connected with the defense of the state, its independence and territorial integrity. So, the totality of military crimes has all the signs of the system, which characterizes the system-forming factor – a factor that determines the origin of the system itself.


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Author Biography

S. О. Kharytonov, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (Kharkiv)

Department of criminal law No. 2;
Candidate of Law Sciences (Ph.D.), Docent.


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