Keywords: psychological resources, stress resistance, professional formation, future law enforcement officers


The results of the study of the features of three groups of psychological resources of stress resistance (valuable, regulatory, instrumental) of future law enforcement officers at different stages of the professional genesis have been provided. Theoretical analysis of the problem of psychological resources of stress resistance in modern scientific literature has demonstrated that they are an integral component of an individual, which helps it to adapt in difficult life situations and plays an important role in the process of achieving goals, preventing stress, personal self-improvement, supporting psychological well-being, forming resistance to action stressors.

It has been determined that the valuable resources in the group of future law enforcement officers – magistrate students are their aspirations to receive education, which will be highly appreciated by the society, will allow them to achieve material well-being and goals set in their professional activities and to occupy an honorable place among professional law enforcement officers. In the group of future law enforcement officers of the first year of study, such resources are their desire to develop creatively, to reveal their own capabilities. Regulatory resources of future law enforcement officers at different stages of professional genesis are aimed at maintaining their own health, but have a tendency to exhaustion. Instrumental resources of the personality of future law enforcement officers – students of the magistracy and the first-year students are represented by active coping strategies of behavior (assertive actions) in combination with the use of social resources (search for social contacts, support from the family, friends, colleagues) and manipulative actions.


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