The state re-registration of the journal in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine was carried out.


According to the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated from May 24, 2018 No. 1582/5 the journal “Pravo i Bezpeka” got new parallel titles in different languages – “Право і безпека” (in Ukrainian), “Право и безопасность” (in Russian), “Law and Safety” (in English). Appropriate changes have already been made to the State Register of Printed Mass Media and News Agencies as Subjects of Information Activity (see here).

The certificate of the state registration of printed mass media (series КВ No. 23376-13216ПР) received by Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs on June 22, 2018, has determined for the first time that the journal is edited in mixed languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English), the edition is the scientific publication, the new frequency of the edition will be 4 times per year. Dissemination of research results of theoretical and practical problems of law and safety, scientific provision for the law-making process and practical activity of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, promotion of state policy realization in the sphere of human rights and freedoms and combating crime, etc. have been established as the program objectives (basic principles) of the mass media.

You can see the certificate on our website here.

It is expected that registration and further use of registered parallel names of the journal in foreign languages will enable international readers to accurately perceive the topics of the edition, will make the description of the journal the same in references and databases.

Please note that from now (since 2018) the full title of the edition in bibliographic descriptions and links looks like this:

«Право і безпека = Право и безопасность = Law and Safety».