Problematic issues of vocational guidance and professional selection of candidates for service in the agencies of the National Police of Ukraine

Keywords: vocational guidance, professional personal identity, professional selection, problematic issues of vocational guidance


The author of the article has presented the results of the analysis of national approaches to the implementation of vocational guidance work among young people for the selection of police specialties. On this basis the author has singled out problematic issues in each of the vocational guidance areas (professional information, professional counseling, professional selection and professional adaptation).

A number of general problems of vocational guidance among young people has been considered. The author has emphasized the general and special shortcomings in the organization and conduction of vocational guidance in regard to professional choice in general and professions related to the service in the units of the National Police of Ukraine, in particular. The general shortcomings include both the peculiarities of the organization of vocational guidance (lack of a unified system of vocational guidance work, insufficient level of interaction between the participants in the process of vocational guidance, lack of an individual, differentiated and phased approach to each individual while implementing professional choice, etc.) and its content component (low level of awareness of children, parents and teachers regarding the existing social professional inquiry; improper attention to the motivational component of the profession selection, etc.). The special shortcomings include the following: lack of awareness among young people about the peculiarities of different specialties (an investigator, an employee of operational units, a district police officer, etc.); lack of opportunity to try themselves in different types of law enforcement activities within the framework of interaction, for example, between district police station, educational institution, school and parents; insufficient use of media opportunities to adequately cover various aspects of police activities.

The author has emphasized the necessity of creating an effective strategy of vocational guidance and qualitative selection procedure, referral and enrollment of young people to higher educational institutions with specific learning conditions.


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Author Biography

N. E. Miloradova, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Department of pedagogics and psychology;
Candidate of Psychological Sciences (Ph.D.), Docent.


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