Keywords: social intelligence, professional activity, business communication


Social intelligence is an important part of the successful business communication. The abilities of social intelligence in a number of professions such as “man-man”, are part of the professionally important properties of an individual. The objective of the article was to summarize the results of modern research in regard to the place of abilities of social intelligence in the structure of professionally important traits of a personality.

The features of business communication and certain individual properties of the personality of psychologists and teachers depending on the level of social intelligence have been described. Particular attention has been paid to studying social intelligence of managers. It has been demonstrated that a high level of social intelligence is associated with the effectiveness of the leadership. The author has proved the importance of social intelligence for successful work of an entrepreneur, a technical engineer, a service worker, etc.

The author insists that social intelligence creates conditions for the successful self-realization of a professional. Persons with a higher level of social intelligence are better developed in self-regulation, they are self-confident, choose more constructive and original ways of solving professional situations related to communication, have a higher level of professional competence.

It has been noted that the improvement of abilities of social intelligence should be carried out with the help of specially organized training focused on the development of structural components of intelligence in the process of solving professional situations. In the process of the development of abilities of social intelligence it is necessary to focus on the subject’s humanistic value orientations. The author believes that self-education is an important component of improving the abilities of the adult’s social intelligence.


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